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Good governance is key to sustainable development. The critical elements of good governance are sound political leadership, effective public policies and efficient public services. Lack of good governance creates legitimacy concerns and reduces public confidence in governance solutions through its offerings in leadership, services delivery, accountability and transparency, policy reforms and e-governance.

Economic Management

Economic Management
The management of the national economy is a very crucial function of government. It is critical to overall development and touches on the daily wellbeing of all segments of the society – households, businesses and social systems. A non-performing economy could impair the efforts of the state in its other core functions and easily trigger political and social crises. Therefore, government take economic policies very seriously. IPPAM provides an effective approach for enhance the quality and delivery of economic policies.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability
The management of the physical environment affects the social and economic well-being of peoples all over the world. The physical environment is an inter-generational heritage, an economic resource and a public health issue. Development thinking has shifted to promoting paradigms of synergy between economy and environment within the overall framework of sustainable human development. IPPAM promotes public policies and institutions together with private environmental sustainability.

Human Development

Human Development
Social development is an all-embracing and all-inclusive element of human development. The focus is on the wellbeing of people, which often times (especially in developing countries) is not automatically attained through economic growth. Therefore, promoting social development requires effective public policies and services in education, health, social welfare, sports and recreation, security, etc and the strengthening of institutions that deliver them. To this end, IPPAM pursues, promotes and ensures the development of policies, strategies and institutions that are people-centred.

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Dec 22, 2015

Osinbajo Opens up on Public Sector Reforms, Rationalisation of MDAs.

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